Color-Print is equipped with the latest offset printing units of the German manufacturer KBA in size B0 and B1. Buying a new KBA 145 is the next step in the development of the company realized in the 4th quarter of year 2016. KBA 145 allows for printing with conventional paints and coating to the maximum sheet size 145 x 106 cm for substrates up to 1.2 mm thick. The device is equipped with QualiTronic an innovative system for inline measuring of color density for each printed sheet forcing automatic correction every 10 sheets. With LiveView each printed sheet is displayed in real time on the main console of the machine. During operation, the printers also have the opportunity to observe the course of the sheet in the machine by means of video cameras. The KBA VariDry BLUE IR / TL drought printed sheets with IR radiators and hot-air knives while reducing energy consumption.

KBA 105 allows for printing the maximum sheet size of 105 x 74 cm for substrates of 1.2 mm. It also has the possibility of printing on corrugated cardboard having a thickness of up to 1.6 mm. Printing is possible with conventional or UV inks with lacquers, which allows them drying systems KBA VariDry (IR / TL / UV) and additional UV drying between intermediate units, which can be according to the requirements of the appropriate swap positions. This machine has a control and measurement systems such as ErgoTronic ColorDrive function ErgoTronic Lab and the possibility of reporting measurements ErgoTronic Quality Pass.

Department supports modern printing bindery equipped with:
- the guillotine,
- folders,
- full-size machines for stamping,
- multi- Folder-gluer carton,
- lines of stitching saddle stitchers.